There are only few countries on this planet which are diverse, unspoiled and photogenic, and New Zealand tops the list. It offers its guest lots of activities to do in the natural bounty of nature. The uniqueness comes from its Natural wonders, friendly people, inspiring culture and extreme sport mentality. This small country can be referred as a little bundle of joy as it has everything a traveler seeks for. From astounding sceneries, Cosmopolitan cities to adrenaline adventure activities, jaw-dropping coastline and wildlife, this Island packs a huge punch into a small space. Apart from usual bungee jumps, skydive, adventure sports activities, wildlife tours, here are some unique and wonderful things you can do in New Zealand and have fun time. It can be overwhelming deciding on what things to do first, but check these places out!

1) Relish the iconic drink and take a snap with world’s largest L&P bottle:
Lemon and Paeroa or L&P is a popular New Zealand soda and its birthplace is Paeroa. It is made by mixing carbonated mineral water from Paeroa’s natural springs with lemon juice. Located in Paeroa, the world’s largest L&P bottle is a famous attraction point for tourists and is a major photography destination in New Zealand. It is a photo stop which cannot be missed.

2) Taste and relish the kiwis:
A New Zealand trip is incomplete without trying the kiwifruit and not complete without a snap with the enormous kiwifruit structure. Te Puke is the hometown to the giant historical kiwifruit structure which is also known as snapping point for the most of the visitors. Kiwi 360 is a local tourist attraction and fun destination in New Zealand, which is just 10 minutes drive from town centre. Going to the Kiwi theme park located nearby with kids is a nice option to have a fun time and you can also enjoy the annual Kiwi festival celebrated here relishing varieties of kiwis and having leisure time.

3) Savor the taste of the Hokitika wild food festival:
If you are a foodie and always like to try something new then savor your taste Buds and relish the delicious food at the Hokitika wild food fest which is celebrated here every year in the month of March. Not only food, there are other sources of entertainment too, like live band performances, comedy/dance acts, mime artists act and much more to keep you engaged throughout the day. The guests are welcomed with the unusual wild feast and exciting gourmet options. People travel from all over to enjoy the feast and you can even pre-purchase the entry tickets to avoid the last minute hassle.

4) Race on the steepest street:
Baldwin Street in Dunedin is officially the steepest street in the world and a must visit tourist destination in New Zealand which has its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Dunedin is a small city with a big wow factor. It is famous for the optical illusions. The Tourist stands at a tilt to create an optical illusion in their photographs. It takes around 10 minutes just to walk about 350 meters. A competition is also held here to race to the top and back down again. Both locals and people from all over the world come here to compete and challenge their fitness levels.

5) Mesmerizing views from the Tunnel beach:
This beach is also referred as the most romantic spot in Dunedin, New Zealand. To reach this tunnel beach, you have to cross a private land after which the sandstone sea arch is visible and here is a man-made tunnel which leads you to the secluded beach with fossil-filled cliffs on all the sides. The magnificent high Cliffs, arches and headlands provide endless vantage points for breathtaking views.

6) Exploring Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier:
Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier are unique and probably the most accessible glaciers in the world. Heli hiking is commonly done here by tourist. In the helicopter ride over the glaciers, they enjoy the unforgettable views of ice caves, multi-story pinnacles and deep crevasses. Due to lose ice at the edges, you are not allowed to walk onto either glacier without a guide.

When it comes to food and dessert, the local cuisine of New Zealand is one of the best. You will fall in love with the flavour and aroma of the indigenous combination of spices. Mouth-watering dishes include lamb, pork, salmon, crayfish, whitebait, bluff oysters, pipis and tuatua, tamarillo and the national dessert. All of them have a distinct New Zealand style which will bind you to try them once more in the relaxing in the friendly environment of the beautiful country. You can also relish the dishes and finger licking food in various food festivals celebrated here throughout the year.

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