New Zealand is an amazing country, offering a range of activities and things to do and frolic around for all age groups. It is a wonderful place to travel with kids and enjoy some family time and, guess what; each part of New Zealand has something to offer for kids to enjoy.

A wide section of activities range from knowledgeable wildlife experiences and thrill seeking adventures to relaxing in the hot water springs and having fun times on sandy beaches. Even the little ones can go rafting, skiing or bungee jumping. For another magnificent experience, stargazing is one of the best options to enjoy the beautiful nightscape of the country.

While farm parks, conservation sanctuaries, glow-worm caves, animal and bird watching sessions keep the kids engaged in exploring nature; the roller coaster, hair rising rides offer hours of adrenaline filled entertainment to the lil chaps. On this fantastic kiwi Island, you can find entertainment for all ages just about anywhere with no shortage of stuff to do.

The blissful natural scenic beauty:

The beauty of New Zealand is endless, moreover mesmerizing. Anyone can fall in love with it at the first glance. Be it winter or summer, New Zealand offers its little visitors splendid landscapes, waterfalls, Jungle safaris, nature parks and many other places to explore and have fun. The clean and tidy surroundings and friendly environment of New Zealand will fill the hearts of lil ones with joy and happiness.

Little ski lovers:

Catering to all the age groups, New Zealand is a perfect ski destination for family and kids. Along with a wide range of child care offerings for all ages of kids it provides fantastic family deals including snow packages, activity packages, group lessons, kids learning lessons etc. In winter, kids can enjoy skiing in the ski field under the guidance of trained instructors specifically trained for kid’s enjoyment and security. Many ski schools are also there which are highly rated for children’s lessons and good child care facilities. A few family/kids friendly ski fields are listed below:
The remarkable
Treble Cone
Mount Hutt
Coronet Peak
Cardrona Alpine Resort

Fun filled adventure:

Why should parents have all the fun, kids can have fun too.
Yes, New Zealand is host to thrilling adventurous activities not only for adults but also for kids. According to predefined age groups and height, kids can go for rafting, surfing, boat rides, parasailing, kayaking, banana boat rides, jet skiing, jet fly and other water sport activities under the supervision of trained instructors. They can also enjoy the splendid views of New Zealand from above, while enjoying hot air ballooning with their family. Hotels and resorts also cater to adventure camps for kids and organised fun activities like zorbing, zip lining, bungee jumping, gocarting and tobogganing for their little guests.

Family friendly accommodation:

Accommodation options in New Zealand are vast. Family friendly apartments, hotels, Resorts, Motors etc. can be easily found throughout the country. The accommodation guarantees to make family holidays fun and memorable.
Some of the facilities provided by such accommodation are:
Kid’s swimming pools
Gaming zones
Caretaking services
Activity clubs for kids
24 hour medical services
Exclusive stay and dining deals for kids
Children safe furniture playground and swings

Exploring the weird and wonderful wildlife:

New Zealand is known for its scenic beauty and vast wildlife. Many unusual and unique species of birds and animals can be spotted here. The wildlife sanctuaries, conservation parks and zoos situated here offer both native and exotic animal encounters, which can be enjoyed and explored by children of all ages. The tour guides are always there to keep kids well informed about the wildlife and answer there inquisitiveness. Kids get an opportunity to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Spotting the Kiwi bird in forest area is a wonderful experience. Bird feeding sessions, fish feeding, holding some of the birds, animal patting sessions, animal conservation awareness are some of the activities children enjoy in the wildlife sanctuaries and Conservation Reserves. Huge transparent underwater panels are major kid’s attraction, as they provide a wide view of aquatic animals residing in their natural habitat.

Dolphin, whale watching and discovering fur seal colonies:

Whales and dolphins can be easily encountered during the sea tours. Kids enjoy these sea tours as several different species of whales can be spotted in the waters including Orcas and Pilot whales. Although different species of whales can be seen in different seasons, the sperm whale can be spotted all year round. Children love the site of dolphins and enjoy dolphin shows and feeding sessions. The best places to enjoy whale and dolphin watching includes Bay of Island in the north Island, Kaikoura in the East coast, Wellington beach, Hauraki Gulf etc.

Fur seals are the key attraction for little tourists as they could be spotted in groups in their breeding colonies. The sight of seal pups playing in the water fills the kids with joy. There is also an option of swimming with the seals and dolphins but they have a predefined age limit. There are multiple places where seals can be spotted like the Kaikoura Peninsula, Milford sound, Tauranga Bay, Sandfly bay, Cape Palliser, Marlborough sound, Farewell Spit, Abel Tasman National Park, Akoroa.

Water parks in summer and winter parks in winter:

New Zealand is a host to splashy water parks in summers and chilling winter parks in winters. It has fun things to offer it’s a little guest all around the year. From thrill rides, slides to splashy kiddy zones, everything is a must try. Catering to the kid’s enjoyment, the water parks offer plenty of activities for small children to do like water playgrounds with slides, sprinklers, tipping buckets, wading pool and even small tots can have fun in the mini slides. In addition to this, kids can relax in the lazy river or have fun in the rafting rides and variety of water slides with vertical drops. Splashing and spraying for hours, your little ones will enjoy each moment spent here.
Some of the water parks in New Zealand are:
Waimarino Adventure Park
Rainbow’s end theme park
Taupo DeBretts Spa Resort
Splash planet
Waiwera Hot Pools
Parakai Springs

As the winter arrives, the summer parks convert into fun snow zones which can be enjoyed by all. Many kids can be spotted here building their snow man or throwing snowballs and playing around with friends and families. The gentle slopes of hills and mountains are perfect for sledding.

There are lots of ice rinks to choose from and skiing is not the only option here, you can take your kids for snow showing to explore and burn some of the extra energy.
Following are the activities offered by these wonderful winter parks for the families to enjoy:
Sleigh ride
Snow cat skiing
Ice skating
Snow shoeing
Hot air balloon rides
Spa and hot Springs

New Zealand is an overall terrific place to travel with your teens and tiny tots. It is kid safe and affordable with loads of playgrounds, kid centric activities, a moderate climate, amazing cuisine and lots of mouth-watering dessert to relish.

So if you are willing to spend your holidays in New Zealand with your little ones and make a memorable vacation, feel free to contact us

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