When you think of New Zealand, you may not immediately think of its cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is, its surreal nature, natural beauty and the fantastic views of landscapes, mountains and beaches and seriously what not.

But New Zealand is not just about the grand scenery and mesmerizing environment, it is also famous for its iconic foods. The New Zealand food tours are always there offering you mouth-watering food to relish. From seafood to dessert, all have a distinct, iconic and cultural flavour which cannot be found anywhere else. From the wacky to the junk foods to simply the delicious kiwi fair, food listed below is a collection of those special New Zealand foods, things, that kiwi seems to know and love and things that have unarguably cemented their place in New Zealand food history.

1) SAUSAGE SIZZLE: It is a delicious stumpy pork sausage in pieces of fresh bread, layered with tomato sauce and a handful of grilled onions. It is considered as a classic Kiwi comfort food and is a part of Maori and Kiwi culture enjoyed at family barbeques, food markets, and special events up and down the countries and even at Charity fundraising events.

2)HANGI: Hangi meal comprises of chicken, pork, potatoes, pumpkin and few other veggies all cook together by a traditional method of Maori cooking style. You can relish this finger licking dish if you visit a traditional Maori village. They cook it for an extended amount of time underneath the ground in a pit oven and the aroma of food provides an authentic experience of truly earthly food.

3)PAVLOVA: Pavlova is an extremely popular dessert which is made with maringue, whipped cream and fruits and is undoubtedly a big part of kiwi food culture. Being covered with a dressing of kiwi fruits, passion fruit and strawberries it looks as well as tastes delicious. The inside of this New Zealand sweet is soft like a Marshmallow and outside is crispy and is generally relished on unique occasions and holidays.

4) NEW ZEALAND MUSSELS: Mussels is popular seafood of New Zealand. The menus here are filled with different varieties of mussels. They are largely known for their health benefits and are delicious and easy to cook.

5) LAMINGTONS: It is a very popular sponge cake enjoyed during morning or afternoon tea. They are light as a sponge cake coated in either chocolate icing on Raspberry Jelly then rolled in grated coconut. Sweet and delicious they are really a treat.

6) AFGHANS: 100% Kiwi food, this cookie consists of a chocolate cookie baked with corn flakes mixed in, coated with chocolate icing and then finished off with half a walnut on top. Its texture is both crunchy and smooth and is a yummy treat.

7)BLUFF OYSTERS: This is a famous dish which is found seasonally in the small town of Bluff in New Zealand, which means you have to wait for March and August if you want to enjoy it. Their silky smooth texture and pure sea fresh flavour has oyster lovers rating these as up there with the best oyster in the world.

8) HOKEY POKEY ICE CREAM: Hokey Pokey is a popular ice cream flavour in New Zealand which consists of super creamy Vanilla based ice cream with small solid lumps of honeycomb toffee. The honeycomb creates a delicious rich caramel taste with the light crunchy texture. When the honeycomb melts into the ice cream it creates most delicious swirls throughout the ice cream which makes this New Zealand sweet a hot favourite of kids and even adults.

After a day full of activities in nature and adventure hub, one is bound to look for a delicacy to savour the taste buds and charge up. There is nothing better than a kiwi cuisine especially in the culture of farm to table meals and rich Maori tradition centred food around.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head over to the island of thrill, adventure and Yes the cherry on the cake ‘ The Kiwi Cuisine’ which is not to be missed, as the best part is that your table always comes with a spectacular view of a ravishing delight.

We are here to help you out to discover and explore New Zealand to its fullest so that you can enjoy to the fullest and we will take care that you miss nothing, not even the special Kiwi food. We also customise the New Zealand food tours according to your convenience. For any guidance and support feel free to contact us support@venncation.com


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